Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the success of some celebrities and athletes or some of your newly fit friends and want to try the paleo lifestyle out for yourself. You might be inspired to jump feel first into all of the benefits that paleo has to offer. But the real question is where do you get started?

To begin with, rethink your idea of exercise. It doesn’t mean an hour of aerobics at the gym any more. What kinds of activities did our ancestors engage in? They walked, they lifted, they threw, squatted, lifted heavy objects, and ran. In other words, they did everything you would expect a hunter/gatherer to do.

Of course in our modern day we aren’t out hunting and so we have to learn some new ways of natural movement. Many people choose CrossFit for this purpose. In fact, CrossFit is the most popular exercise routine for paleo eaters. The other benefit of CrossFit is that you will be instructed by someone who understands the natural movements that our ancestors used. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is always a practical, or doable, option for everyone. If this is you don’t worry, there are many other ways you can enjoy the benefits of paleo exercise.

Paleo exercise focuses on weight bearing, mobility, and sustained slow movement. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Get out with your kids and explore your neighborhood, go for a long hike or kayaking. All of these mimic the natural movements that our ancestors would have done.

For great workout ideas, you can always turn to Google or search on YouTube. Popular and doable workouts include kettleballs, running, walking, and weight lifting. Be sure to keep a training log of your workouts, performance and results. Also be sure that you are not focusing too much on one muscle group and instead are working all of your muscles.

You can also follow the blogs and social media accounts of successful paleo dieters and athletes such as Rob Wolff, Stephanie Gaudreau, and the Civilized Caveman. The daily inspiration and encouragement will help you to stay motivated.

Also be sure to bookmark or pin your favorite paleo recipe blogs. Over time, you’ll develop a core meal plan that will stay with you even if you don’t have a list or reference guide in hand.

Find community with others who follow the Paleo lifestyle. Social media makes this easy to do. There are forums, blogs, and the #paleo hashtag so you can find support right away. There is comfort and accountability to be found in community.

Don’t overwhelm yourself or try to achieve goals that are not realistic for you now. Take baby steps toward your goal, one day at a time. Your patience will pay off as you notice your body reshaping itself, experience improved endurance and stamina and receive better reports from your doctor.

Finally, remember that the paleo lifestyle is more than just food. With its emphasis on stress reduction, fitness and play, getting out in nature and fostering community, the paleo lifestyle is truly a holistic one that can benefit anyone who wants to try it.