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The first thing you need to do it learn which foods need to be banned from your life stating now These aren’t just foods that will hinder your weight loss, these are foods that you may actually be addicted to.

You won’t hear it from any doctor, and you definitely aren’t going to read it on the labels of your food packages, but food companies actually engineer things so that you want to eat their foods, and keep eating them, no matter what this does to your health.

Think about it, have you ever had a sip of soda only to find that you suddenly have a hard time drinking anything else? So many people have an addiction to soda. In fact, many people will actually get headaches if they aren’t able to have soda at least once a day. Foods are the same way, the foods that you eat can trigger a response in you and when you go without that food you can experience severe cravings.

Ditch the Processed Foods

The best thing you can do for yourself is making the decision to get rid of all processed foods. In the beginning, this will mean a lot of reading labels and possible frustration, but over time you will get the hang of it. And your body will be glad that you did. Health and weight loss are just as much about the things you choose not to put into your body as the things you choose to put into your body.

You want the foods that you eat to be as close to their natural state as possible. So let’s say that you read the label and you find ingredients that you are unfamiliar with, odds are that food is processed and best left on the shelf.

The Problem With Caffeine

Caffeine addiction is strong, so strong that it has allowed Starbucks to take over much of the world. Every day thousands, if not millions, rely on caffeine to wake them up, keep them alert, and help them get over the horrible mid day slump.

But caffeine is only a temporary burst of energy, and it often leaves you feeling more tired and sluggish than you started out. The result? You need more caffeine in order to get more energy. And the cycle continues this way, leaving thousands of people dependent.

Even though it can help to reduce the risk of stroke and certain cancers it does little to actually make you healthy.

You also have to be careful of the ingredients that are combined with your caffeine. For instance if you are drinking coffee with creamer you have to be careful that your creamer doesn’t contain any dairy or hidden sugars.

Stick to the Fresh Stuff

Usually the outer section of your store will have an abundance of fresh foods. More often than not, you will find your produce, meats, and eggs in this outer edge of your grocery store. This is great news if you are following a paleo diet because it means that you will be able to get a majority of the foods that you need quickly.

While there are some foods that you will likely still need to go into the aisles for, (such as almond flour and spices), more often than not you will be able to avoid the aisles all together.

It should be said that eating fresh foods will usually mean that you will be making 1-2 trips to the store each week. Fresh foods will go bad much faster than processed foods, so they need to be eaten quickly. To save some hassle, many people opt to buy frozen fruits and vegetables whenever possible.